Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Me

My childhood dreams where shattered because of the family that I've encountered at present. I remember that I want to pursue a career in sports but my parents didn't support me. I was sick during that time that's why I want to engaged myself into sports and dancing but I have never succeeded. I've tried several times but it always fails. That's time I engaged myself in computers. I've started engaged myself since grade 6 when we had 5 computers until Turbo Pascal programming using DOS. After that I have finished my high school. I have decided to rest first because I get confused when I need to take and which school that I going for my college. I insist that I have to take an associate degree course because of my family financial situation. My parents insist to take a degree course. One of my first degree course of my choice is BS Accountancy still I failed then I when to AMA Computer University in East Rizal and ICCT Colleges to inquire during that time of my friends was there taking up BS Computer Science then I started my journey to become an IT Professional. During my college, I have encountered several failures especially financially but my decision unleashed. After my undergraduate Computer Science in AMA and TIP. I decided to move on ABE in Information Technology. ABE is under the AMA Education System and IT was new to my Alma Mater. During my stint in ABE, My confidence was back and pursue my career in IT, with the help of my mentor himself and my previous mentors before. Right Now, I have started working on web professional. I have failed twice but when Altrion Technologies Philippines have their openings then that's time that I am enjoying my stint as a IT Technical Recruiter then and ended last March 2, 2007. After my stint with Altrion I moved with different IT Consulting firms here in Makati City. at the same time, I continuously doing freelance. My first website is with Our lady of Assumption College in Laguna website after that I have continuously working on my pending websites using the ASP application at the same, I was also consider myself as an writer. I usually write articles on my personal journey,business,politics and programming. Real Melissa was back because the opportunities that came. I have meet friends that I can rely on.