Saturday, December 12, 2009

The whole week

I had to many excess time that I have rendered inside the office just to meet the deadlines inside office, I know my limitations on that because I had experience that before when I'm doing projects but not overloaded that I'm experience these remaining few days inside the office. I know that most of the professionals have their plans from themselves for their coming few days to my deployment. I'm just preparing myself for my better future, we'll I don't want to mentioned those plans for myself the next few years. I know that our high school reunion that will be held today was postponed due that most of my former schoolmates were busy to their work locally and abroad. I guess this is not the right time for us to see each other or they have encountered problems with my former schoolmates (it's confidential). I'm hoping the right time to see my former schoolmates back home here in Manila soon. We'll I had a lots of sleep after the long extended hours of technical works inside the office.

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