Friday, December 25, 2009

"Finishing my pending activities before the Happy Holidays"

I know that I'll be leaving my present deployment as a consultant by next year, still we don't know what's gonna happened next. If I have pending tasks to finished if I can managed to finished until my end it will better so that I can pursue my plans for next year. At least I had 50% to finished the development plus the testing but my health condition is on risk due to overworked on a project to be finished based on their timelines issued, encountered stressful complained done by another contractor with no evidence found against me (hoping that the truth will come out thanks for their assistance). On Christmas Eve, I'm not feeling well that time, I'm getting weak but still I have to get back and continue my pending plans for next year(hoping it will work). I'm still continuing my projects to finished in on my deployment, still I'm given a chance to get back my skills that I have established before a surgical operation I had last April 2009 at the UST Hospital. Most of my officemates were on their Christmas Vacation but some were already had different plans for their career this coming year. On my part, this 2009 deployment will be my last project assignment under an IT Consulting Firm due to a different plans ahead for me next year. During my vacation, I need to catch up more sleep because during my duty I wasn't able to complete an 8 hours of sleep due to a 14 office hours even holidays inside the office that time. My feeling that time was so sleepy and pressured needed to finish all the projects, I managed to get stay relaxed with my MP3 player played on and continue listen to the music all the time.

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