Sunday, June 17, 2012

Difficulty on 21km never quits and continue the race

Most of the events that I have joined was between 10km or 5km, We'll just to have a recovery run so that I could myself. This experience gives me a challenge aside from 22km Ultimate Trail Run at the north face 100 Philippines held in Baguio City. Hmmm! that would give me more challenge on upcoming races that will test my endurance and agility that will ever improve my time that will determine that I have already finished the race more faster than the usual. It will more practice that will give you more challenge as the top-marathoners we have.of course, I'm having my third leg until the Philippine Marathon also the same category hoping that the weather will be okey and not the worse weather that could ever experience. Also for the   Rexona Run 2012, Pangasinan Great Run and Cam Sur Marathon. It is great to start a long-distance races without quitting because I really want to excel more here on this sport that would help also relief myself more on my work as a Software Developer and with my family also. An experience that also prepare myself also to the new leg for the Run United for the first ever Philippine Marathon.