Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I should take any activities to get more friends"

I'm having great time off for my work going some places where I've been through before. I have enjoyed a lot in meeting new teammates or reuniting with my former officemates or schoolmates inside the office. A whole week of relaxation and having my music on my MP3 Player in which I bought it to Trinoma Malls here in North Avenue Quezon City, when I get off to the MRT Station at the North Avenue Station. I had great time going to Trinoma and had canvass a new MP3 player there at the Trinoma but before Trinoma, Before Trinoma, I had a chance to check my monthly contributions on Philhealth and pay the other quarterly contribution in the Philhealth Main Office. Well that is one of the mandatory requirements either! hehehehe!!!! Well off enjoying my weekend either, I just spend my time doing much productive and continuing my usual activities on our personal computer. Watching my favorite show either "Who wants to Millionaire" (that's saturday), Hmmm! at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, an experience for me being part of these blogging nation at least now I have chance to meet all the bloggers from Luzon. Wow! Blogging can reach lives or inspire other people.

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