Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Happy 2010 !"

I have spent most of my time to rest from big major project on my recent deployment. I'm saving for my plans in the near future. In the past year, I haven't enough to spend my vacation due to my confinement last April 15, 2009 at the UST Hospital. Expect a lot from travel this coming year. More website development projects to go. I have spend most of my New Year's Eve with my family, We'll most of us were sick but my younger brother had a chance to do some fireworks although it's dangerous but they already know the usual safety measures that the advocacy of the government has. I eat a lot but not too much for my appetite, I had a chance to get more sleep a lot though I need to help with my household chores. I wasn't able to get a chance to attend the New Year's and Christmas Eve Mass but I had a text or message from the friends saying "thank you " for being part of 2009. 
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!              

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I'm feeling better and rested, stressed free and looking forward that my plans will push throu this 2010"

I have struggled a lot this 2009 especially the projects that I should  finished,  I went to a major surgical operation last April 15, 2009 at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital then the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng last September of this year. I have the opportunity to come back and regain my skills but I wasn't lucky enough on my health condition due to the some individual divulged my credentials to the consultant which on their end they never succeed because the truth always prevails so some consultant right now looking for a new career this 2010 "I'm hoping they will go on the usual pre-employment process with right working conditions". As a Blogger always be a blogger, humble and honest to his/her teammates. Fresh New year for me, Well I need also a good rest with new environment, Hoping to regain my strength and energy to do all the technical tasks. Still I'm continuously blogging stuff. This time, I'll be willing to go more places just to have a different environment that will help for my thyroid replacement therapy that I'm undergoing through. Website maintenance is undergoing at the present still need to finished, at least.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I have spend my holidays to spend home continuously doing blogging and web development outside on my present deployment. I'm hoping that my plans for this year will push through for 2010, I haven't spend a summer vacation last 2009 due to my thyroidectomy operation in the University Santo Tomas Hospital. My wish also to my present deployment is to grow more as healthy and professional as possible, knowing that there are some people want to destabilize my  professional career. I know God guided me on my right path through my darkest hour, Working real hard and manage to save money for your future. That's why I am working and trying to regain my technical skills to get back due to the memory lost after the major operation. On to my holiday vacation, I catch up more sleep due to a 14 hours working hours on development and testing but I do regain my condition and do patch up my medication, if i don't have the thyrax medicine stock because I'll be taking this as a lifetime, I'm undergoing a thyroid therapy, this will be a part of challenging part of my journey then the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng came, we need to remove the water from house and we thank God that we've survived the struggles that we've encountered this year. I am hoping this 2010 will be fruitful and healthy for me and pushing my plans at least a vacation with my friends by next year will push through

Friday, December 25, 2009

"Finishing my pending activities before the Happy Holidays"

I know that I'll be leaving my present deployment as a consultant by next year, still we don't know what's gonna happened next. If I have pending tasks to finished if I can managed to finished until my end it will better so that I can pursue my plans for next year. At least I had 50% to finished the development plus the testing but my health condition is on risk due to overworked on a project to be finished based on their timelines issued, encountered stressful complained done by another contractor with no evidence found against me (hoping that the truth will come out thanks for their assistance). On Christmas Eve, I'm not feeling well that time, I'm getting weak but still I have to get back and continue my pending plans for next year(hoping it will work). I'm still continuing my projects to finished in on my deployment, still I'm given a chance to get back my skills that I have established before a surgical operation I had last April 2009 at the UST Hospital. Most of my officemates were on their Christmas Vacation but some were already had different plans for their career this coming year. On my part, this 2009 deployment will be my last project assignment under an IT Consulting Firm due to a different plans ahead for me next year. During my vacation, I need to catch up more sleep because during my duty I wasn't able to complete an 8 hours of sleep due to a 14 office hours even holidays inside the office that time. My feeling that time was so sleepy and pressured needed to finish all the projects, I managed to get stay relaxed with my MP3 player played on and continue listen to the music all the time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The New Me

This is me before when I graduated from college last 2006, After 2 years of deployment as contractor in different consulting firms around in Metro Manila, Last April 15, 2009, I have to undergo a total thyroidectomy operation in the UST as you can see my changes on the second photo. After the operation, I do sometimes get on appetite but I do sometimes I get fat, but my doctors said that this is normal for us that are undergoing for a lifetime thyroid replacement therapy but I usually live my normal life. I go now to my endocrinologist for this therapy, it sounds expensive, it's part of my adjustments of my daily life.At present, I'm taking medicine to replace the thyroid hormones lost during the operation.

"Having missed Xmas Party!"

With invented stories made by the other contractor of different IT Consulting firm that I'm being stressed off during the past few days. I have already encountered those kind of contractor but now I have already learned my lesson with kind of act that they want to loose my job again despite of my disability, So I decided to coordinate with my closest friends /authorized people from the office to help me out to resolve this include we've coordinate and found it is a backstabbing issue again, they've already cleaned my name so the other contractors(most who just hired last June 1 were on danger) due to a backstabbing again so the authorities are the one's in-charge for the legal action for those people involve and as long my name is cleared, I'm praying that I'll be seeking an extension until next year hoping to finish all the projects on time(Hope it will work!). I'll be thanking my schoolmate for helping me out in the office and she also celebrated her birthday. Thanks!!!! Although that I am still continuing doing Web Designing and Development as a freelancer as part of my business also at least I have my business contact to whom they believe my credentials to do web designing, seeking an extension on my present deployment at least for one year that it will be better as long as my name is cleared it is a better Christmas for me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's hard to trust someone this time"

I know it's difficult to trust someone with regards in handling my credentials in different providers here around in Manila. It's hard to forgive someone to those people whom they trying to divulged my credibility as a person. It's different because a bigger damage of accusing "being a thief" without showing some evidence to proof that you are a thief. A friendship and trust to a colleague well it's hard to earned because of big damage on my name and as a person to. It's sounds personal but my career was affected because of this accusation. I'm put this one to God Almighty for his guidance and hoping this Christmas to clear everything especially my name being as a Blogger. My former officemates know me that I'm just my duty here inside the office. I have the clear conscience to show that I have no intentions to harm any officemates inside the office. I can also related to my past experience with my previous deployments but it is already settled by my officemates. It is a technically experience you are person to performed a project or task in an organization whether it is a telcom,food and beverage,manufacturing or real estate, The performance will count like your working behavior inside the office. You know that's why you are working for your own living but someone who accusing without malicious evidence.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The whole week

I had to many excess time that I have rendered inside the office just to meet the deadlines inside office, I know my limitations on that because I had experience that before when I'm doing projects but not overloaded that I'm experience these remaining few days inside the office. I know that most of the professionals have their plans from themselves for their coming few days to my deployment. I'm just preparing myself for my better future, we'll I don't want to mentioned those plans for myself the next few years. I know that our high school reunion that will be held today was postponed due that most of my former schoolmates were busy to their work locally and abroad. I guess this is not the right time for us to see each other or they have encountered problems with my former schoolmates (it's confidential). I'm hoping the right time to see my former schoolmates back home here in Manila soon. We'll I had a lots of sleep after the long extended hours of technical works inside the office.