Thursday, September 24, 2009

Krrunch Time at the Office

On my daily deployments at present, whenever I had the Total thyroidectomy operation last April of this year it doesn't matter, I had my pringles on my workstation, I can do any job or task that my immediate will ask me to do, at least I have something to eat on my workstation. Pringles is one of my best snacks I had during my break time inside the office of course during office hours there are lots of activities need to accomplished on the same day, What I did was during break time I buy Pringles or even going home, I usually have Krrunch Time at the FX so that I might not get irritated at the Traffic usually at Rosario Pasig City or work. I had my Krrunch Time and fine great time with Pringles on the daily basis that we have to finish all the tasks within a day. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Martin Nievera and Gary Velenciano As 1 the Concert

Two of the greatest artist of all time here in the Philippines come together as 1. The concert from Concert King Martin Nievera and Mr.Pure Energy Gary Valenciano at Open Grounds of the SMX Mall of Asia.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kacip Fatimah Coffee

Every morning before to going on my project deployment, I usually take this Kacip Fatimah Coffee before I had a every day breakfast knowing that I am ongoing the thyroid replacement therapy at present. After I had this coffee for the past couple of weeks though I had a several adjustment in going to the office but on the project tasks and responsibilities, I'll keep myself ongoing and going til to finish my project. A Unique blend with pleasant taste and aroma specifically introduced for feminine coffee lovers. Labsia Pumila or Kacip Fatimah is rich in PHYTOESTROGENS and are traditionally used by women who experienced a loss of libido and for restoring vitality after childbirth. Kacip Fatimah is also known to produce positive effects such as aids tightens the uterus, abdominal muscles, and aids in rebalancing the body's hormones for sexual hormones.It help me a lot especially with my health is concern on my work at my daily activities like going to the events around the Metro Manila. See the related story on: Click here  KDI

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Broadband Internet Connection

During the past few days when I lost my internet connection, I've decided to have an inquiry on broadband internet products from Globe Payments and Services in SM Taytay and in the main office here in Mandaluyong. When I saw the one of the Globe tattoo product, I think this is more convenient over some broadband internet connection that we have today, Most of the Web Developers, Designers and Bloggers they want convenient internet connection where they can easily generate an interactive website, building your friend's network on the different social networking sites like the Friendster,Twitter,Facebook and Multiply Sites.

Globe also produce the limited G.I Joe tattoo designs. If you want to see more on the products and services that globe has you may check on

Saturday, September 5, 2009


An documentary environmental show coming at the GMA-7 "PLANET PHILIPPINES" hosted by: Richard Gutierrez. This is show is similar with the "SIGNOS" where they are showing the beautiful sceneries here in the Philippines. I found that this show is more interesting for my part because I'm also a member of the WWF Philippines, an environmental advocate group helping to improve our environment here in the Philippines. Richard Gutierrez, premier's GMA-7 Artist with his shows rate as number one under his belt. An advocate of Greenpeace upon his advocacy in saving our planet earth. His show "SIGNOS" pave his career on high as an environmentalist, He prove his acting skills on his  shows on prime-time with the KAPUSO network. Upon his acting career, he is been also producing a horror film in following to the "PATIENT X" with Cristine Reyes as his new leading lady in this movie. As a sequel to his first movie "SIGAW" and the foreign counter film which is the "ECHO".