Friday, February 26, 2016

Ball Pit Manila

Wanted to have a stress-free environment having everyone enjoyed playing white balls around you all 8 hours that you can mingle a lot, playing with trampolines and monkey bars. Ball Pit Manila is the right place for adults on their professional career. is the COOLEST playground to hit the city - and it’s for adults only! It boasts the first and biggest adult ball pit in the Philippines, featuring 80,000 balls to play with. Along with the bountiful white orbs, the adult ball pit will have trampolines and even monkey bars so you can swing, jump, and just roll all over this pit of fun. When we were kids, we lived life differently - with an unstoppable curiosity and fascination for everything around us. We want you to rediscover that state by going, or rather - JUMPING into one of the most beloved playpens of our childhood. For those wanted to have booked and played here just visit the website for more details and on social media accounts: