Sunday, April 29, 2012

The North Face 100 Experience

The experience in finishing the 22km trail run here in Camp John Hay here in Benguet Baguio was happiest experience that could ever forget this 2012 on my first trail run that accumulate my overall time of 3:17:54. I consider that their a lot of difficulty on the race track that time that it took as a challenge to be a better runners. Looking for the next year The North Face 100 Asia Pacific Series next year.  Race Track over the mounts of Benguet, Baguio is breath taking for me that when I overlook the 22km race track it looks like a 50km race track that some of the runners give a lot of confusion where do they go from that track? Hmmm! I experience that a lot from these race. Quite tricky although 22km trail race track give us the racers to pass it but the risk was there and all of the runners with the different categories where surpass it. I consider a wonderful vacation I had because my office had plans for me to put on-shore development soon so I had to grab this opportunity.

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