Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The Avengers Movie" a blockbusters here in Manila

Now I know why some people that If watched the Avengers will have no regrets to watch just for the whole weekend. Hmmm! I have also watched last Friday after office work because it is gonna be a weekend. People appreciated more than expected as the story, cinematography and the special effects that make this movie a sure hit and that's why they've earn $103 million in just weekend. That could be amazing that those people watched that movie and appreciate on the comedy antics of IRON MAN himself(Robert Downey). Wow! This could be a certified box hit. and looking forward to have an another Avengers movie soon. I know that this movie is clicked and entertained most of their fans here in Philippines with their memorable tumbler's and t-shirts that will keep most of the fans that they've watched their movie with a shoe string budget that will suite for their entertainment lifestyle that this movie is clicked here and abroad.

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