Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

We are keeping our fingers cross that Jessica could make this far as one of the top o four finalist in this year's American Idol. Now wonder why is the media is more concentrated on the NAIA's incident rather than our kababayan made it to the top4 here in the American Idol that more than usual as Filipino's expected to become the first Filipino American to win the American Idol. I know that American's won't happened that Jessica Sanchez is a Filipina and they wanted an American citizen to win this competition, Hmmm! Any competition that there could be possible depends on the performance of all the singers in this competition. Hmmm! How can I help her to win this competition? An extensive campaign to gain more votes more that will emerge more to be the 2012 American IDOL.  Now she is know on the top 3 as expected. The campaign all over the Facebook and other social media websites that we Filipinos can vote for her online. We check on the history , Jasmine Trias to Thia Mejia, we could even given support on them when they are competing on American Idol but now we are keep ourselves close that Jessica make it as the 2012 American Idol. Congratulation to you Jessica Sanchez, still your the American Idol for us

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