Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resumption of work in a different industry

A level of my difficulty working in a banking industry was they are congestive to the new hires, minimal task was assign to you not with a task related to your skill sets. I'm just wondering if these an industry for me or their is a real industry for me that will allow also a flexi-schedule due to the condition of my parents that one is still suffering form diabetes and my father has a dementia. I know that they do have a reconsideration to be deployed in other industry that will credit more an output that will test my technical skills further as an IT Professional. I'm venturing myself also in entrepreneurship by accepting freelance web design on multiply, fern business and VMobile business. Struggling at present but working out as long as I reached the dream opportunity that which I send my cv back in January and hopefully that they will give me posted on my application. I know that 6th or 7th week of March could be possible depending on the progress. I know that this difficult but striving to pass all the pre-employment tests and interview that will able to make work soon.

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