Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fern Inc. and PLDT SME Nation

Fern Inc. President Tommanny Tan partners with the longest running long distance telecommunication in the Philippines not to just help most of the Filipinos to bring prosperity through entrepreneurship.I almost very grateful to this small business firm knowing that they want grow as healthy and live longer as they wanted. Fern-C is one of the sponsors for the Philippine Basketball Association Players for their prevention for the various disease  that may cause death and these company is building for small entrepreneurs to start their small business of their own. That was the vision of the Fern Inc. President Tommanny Tan. Their are several multilevel marketing but his vision is to empower themselves thru entrepreneurship knowing their a lot of difficulties in looking for the regularization of your dream job that you wanted. Congrats! also for being one of the PLDT MVP Bossing.

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