Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An affordability to start a business on a low value capital

Considering that your earning a million in just months won't you believe that. hmmm! now wonder that the multilevel marketing offer to the Filipinos wishing to have a better lives. I've heard  most of the MLM companies here in the Philippines. Starting capital you have checked well it cost more than higher Php 3000 as expected on starting membership to their business club. Things to consider to start-up a business with a capital in a smaller value. Here some tips for you to consider in getting a right capital value that you've wanted for your small business:

  1.   If you where former employed employee or IT Consultant and you where deducted from your SSS, PhilHealth and Pagibig. There are ways to classified of having your deduction from the three mandatory contribution.  As an IT Consultant, the contribution you consider as a voluntary member where you remitting your contributions quarterly. You can have a starting ways to 
  2.    If you were employed you can able to apply for business loans an assurance for an average amount capital value that you can able to start the business.

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