Sunday, April 8, 2012

HolyWeek 2012

Manila Cathderal  Stressed at the hospital. yeah! you have it. We actually don't know what we are going to do. Quite difficult to have a one member of the family is suffering know from the Dementia. The consequence of this is ourselves is on sacrifice just take care of one member of the family. Come and think of it that two members of our family needed to take good care of Diabetes, catarata and Hypothyroid , hmm how was that? A needed more stressed free solution on this is occurred that seeing an another expert from that sickness will be the solution but how come that he needs to care on the daily basis. Hmmm! an another solution, putting him in the home for the agent day care center that could be a better solution, at least that they could take good care on the daily patient who has dementia right now. at least the eldest know the situation right now. This is the biggest decision we are the family members have at stake but for the good from all of us that we don't even burned out from his disease at present. Bisita Iglesia 2012 with the youngest brother, he definitely a wonderful experience he had once going to the different churches here in Metro Manila. A relief from him that he experience traveling than we usually do as a family. So disappointed how the father is he at the present, From Once a Manila Electric Company Supervisory Accountant that time and know from being the Dementia patient that could we as a family member stressed out on how to take good care on a daily basis, knowing that our relatives from my father could even helped a lot financially but stressful checking his condition at stake, quite disappointed but it was there already we have just have to face the consequences on this.

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