Thursday, April 12, 2012

A commemorating 3rd Year Anniversary on total thyroidectomy surgery in 2009

Now wonder, that I have finally surpass for the past three years on my surgery back in 2009. Yeah! after the surgery we'll I do taking also supplement to support on thyroid replacement, for me it was difficult last in 2009-2011 although that time when I'm doing projects for the Globe Telecommunication in 2009 it quite regaining my skills back. Now I'm returning back to my endocrinologist here in the Medical City in Pasig, the results where okey for me, I have to maintain to have more stock on my Thyrax and Vitamins further and I'll put running as one of my therapy that would help normalize myself and I.. Thank you to my former officemates on Bahay Financial Sevices, Proctor and Gamble Philippines IDS-ADM/GDM, EPLDT-IPlus Intelligent Network and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. for giving an extensive prayers plus the support on to surpass these surgery. Thank you also to the Information System Group-Globe Telecommunication for giving the opportunity to bring back my technical skills further back. I know that these year, a lot of opportunity came to have a reloading business which is the VMobile at present. Still, I have to patched further on the missed years when I ahd as a Software Developer. Thank you to Xinapse Inc. I know that it wasn't convenient for me to go in your office back then but an opportunity to have an accomplish project is okay for me but support and prayers that it was blessed for me to get back. One thing I have learned on the BOM-VMobile is Focus. For me, I have to focus of what I have at present andwork double time to achieve this. Also before I really forget, my schoolmates back in LaCo-Pasig who had just came in the Philippines to surpass these operation actually some of my batchmates where in the Medical Profession at present and my closest friends who are still there at present although our communication is online for their extensive support.

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