Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cha-Cha Dance with Ryzza Mae Dizon@EatBulaga

How just wondering coming from a win in the recent Little Miss Philippines that Ryzza Mae Dizon will catch the Filipino audiences as the longest noontime show ever not just here in the Philippines, also here in Indonesia. I have been watching Eat Bulaga since I had a rest for three months, I notice there are similarities between Ryzza Mae Dizon and Aiza Seguerra, although she went to Little Miss Philippines as one of the finalist but she has already got their attention of the millions watching during her time while Ryzza Mae almost the same with the CHA-CHA Dance seen on the TV and doing the dance with Derek Ramsey also part of the CHA-CHA Dance EB Dance ShowDown . Oh! coming along way to be one of the future child wonders we have on Philippine TV and Philippine Cinema. For me, almost stress reliever that could ease my stress that I have encountered for the past six months. Eat Bulaga had came long way to produce an artist a long way as Aiza Seguerra made on her 25th year here in this Entertainment Industry.Now, that she has The Ryzza Mae Show at 11:30ahe om spot on before the Eat Bulaga. No wonder that she is the child sensation that hit a lot of children especially the old ones on her jokes and funny antics that could give the GMA Network still the no one station on the other TV station nationwide.

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