Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pursing to be an Entrepreneur

How can be so sure that your work right now? Some said that it wasn't enough that they earn from their salary during cutoff period, some said it was true but some where not there are chances to earn in a project-based consultancy depending on financial budget of a project either here in the Philippines or abroad but the entrepreneurship is in the plans in the eye's of a professional working in a private or a government company. Here is the best definition of pursuing entrepreneurship from the website http://www.inc.com/eric-schurenberg/the-best-definition-of-entepreneurship.html

Burgstone says, “people often need to say it out loud 50 or 100 times before they really understand what it means.” Here it is:
 Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.
and another definition from the same website that most of the employees of professionals we have turned out to be entrepreneurs.

 By focusing on entrepreneurship as a process, his definition opened the term to all kinds of people. Plus, it matched the one demographic fact HBS researchers already knew about entrepreneurs—they were more likely to start out poor than rich. “They see an opportunity and don’t feel constrained from pursuing it because they lack resources,” says Stevenson. “They’re used to making do without resources.”  

For being an Information Technology Consultant were doing projects for the local industries either in food, telecom or even in the banking industry. I have also a common friend who also an Information Technology seems he has in the bad direction as of this moment. I opened of my business here but his mind was so closed due that he believed that he can earned a lot as an Consultant. We'll as of based the experience, is based how you managed your salary from your capacity and skills in doing the project by money management ,you can be yourself as entrepreneur by sharing your skills and expertise to the industries here and abroad.   

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