Sunday, March 8, 2009

A special tribute to the Master Rapper

"Mga kababayan ko dapat ng malaman ninyo bilib ako sa kulay ako ay Pilipino, maitim, maputi meron naman akong kayumanggi", These are some of the lyrics of his 1990 release album "YO!" from Polyeast records. During my younger days, His stint on That's Entertainment, I've watched one of his movies before he is known as the master rapper is the "Bagets 2". I've believed his craft as an artist to do nationalistic songs and R&B Songs like Cool Summer Nights.... I'm also an avid fan of eat bulaga, Being makulit on tv, A TV host, a composer and producer. He open it's doors to the younger one's on rap. Blak 9 which is one of my High School batchmates before in La Consolacion Pasig believe his craft as a rapper so I'm very grateful to him that he help him his best what he is right now. He is truly national artist upon his achievement that he shared upon his movies until televison, a badge to the walk of fame in Eastwood Libis Quezon City.

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