Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Week Vacation

The usual traditional Lenten practice we had that the church implemented these years but some where just to have a vacation, I had entertain myself by watching TV shows that I could apply on my daily activities. I do I had reflections from the shows that somehow happen presently especially when they feature on Channel 2 "Ang aming Sala" well I do learn about this show but I do some of my family members or officemates have reflected on to their mistakes that they have done for their family and career. I do spend my time to read bible to strengthen my personality and could heal my condition as I am doing my maintenance on my thyroid replacement therapy, I know I can adjust on my condition on the lighter side, we'll I was entertain by good movies on Channel 7 and 2 where they moral values that we could apply to our present day at home or office of course I had to continue the web maintenance on the ring design website on PHP but I do see some bugs on the website so I had to work it today double time. on my free web hosting solution to be able to complete the whole website, so I get lots rest and sleep for my reactivate my condition. After these Holy Week, they should realize their mistakes and correct their attitudes towards in dealing other people.

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