Monday, March 29, 2010

"I had simply to provide new solution to my office before holyweek!"

Now I know what our office basic needs but before that, I just wanna thank my former teammates/officemates for continuous support not just for me, my family and my current office at present. I know that they are still sticking for the old tradition office work but these days it's obsolete why? The in demand service of the internet that the two telecoms offer to the customers plus the latest gadget brought by the leading IT Companies here in the Philippines, Here you can do remote your working computer to a laptop with your wi-fi internet connection. Before that, doing a Human Resource software to my current office is an opportunity for me to prove that I can provide solutions to their existing system. To my former officemates: Have a solemn holy week, I know that you'll have spending your time with your family. please continue your support, to my family and my current office.

I'm currently on-going website maintenance on the Ring Design at present due to my hospitalization last 2009 of April so I need to fix all the PHP scripts hands-on so it will be after holy week, expect the live run of this website with no bugs 

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