Saturday, April 17, 2010

iBlog6 Philippine Blogging Summit, LCS 99 High School reunion

Promote this event badge       What's trigger most to improve my blog site to capture the audience is attending this kind of the web development summit that will open its doors for the newbie bloggers here in the Philippines, I had a chance in the same way to market my blog sites to my co-bloggers here in the Philippines, it's trigger me a lot on this summit is the political blogging due to the upcoming May 2010 elections on how to get interesting to the audience. I know there are a lot of inconsistency in giving the news on TV or in radio. Blogging open its doors not for just young at heart to express themselves here on their blog post and to get more visit to the audience.  Well, I had also opportunity to improve my blog site more to the audience further especially on my profession as a programmer also. sounds exciting right. meeting new bloggers ahead of me, how they get money thou blogging instantly. On the other side of this event is our April 2010 LCS 99 High School Reunion held at Music Match here in Julio Vargas Ortigas Pasig City, reuniting with my high school classmates after 10 years since we've been graduated from our beloved Alma Mater for so long, Awww! I almost forgot my camera during that event that time to reunite with your former high school classmates ever. Hmmm!!!! the last time we had is year 2006 here in Metrowalk Ortigas, I'm hoping to see my classmates again.

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Thank you for coming at iBlog6. Glad that you enjoyed it.

meily said...

Thanks! Janette