Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I missed working in this place"

After a year of my deployment here in Makati City having a good memories with my teammates before. Since then when I had an opportunity to go here in this place, I have seen a lot of changes along at Makati City, hoping for a better work here again this time for a life time work due ongoing lifetime thyroid replacement therapy and I'm just keep praying to see my trusted and friendly officemates again here along Makati Area. Although most of my vacant time during Friday with my officemates go with Landmark or even Glorietta. Hoping to start new things right for me, I'm hoping that this healthier organization that most of us wanted that I could easily get along just like my teammates before.Hope for the best. Hmmm! I know that most the election 2010 heats up here in Makati City were most of the people around that city were supporting either for Noynoy Aquino or Erap Estrada were he's running mate was a former mayor of makati city Jeojomar Binay.

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