Saturday, February 13, 2010

"My first few days at my new office was Jurassic!"

A terrible Jurassic experience on my first 15 days at the office, Knowing that my new office mates was a Jurassic people that I ever met. Yeah! right. Despite the slow restoration of my internet connection at home well I had ever updated my blog post right now. I was thinking on how to manage my work at present? I had discover that many resigned to the company that I'm working right now, it seems that the system was not perfect for the business so there are a lot of memo coming from the executive committee is a big pressure for newly hire employees like me to know the system and the nature of the business just like 1-2-3. Hahaha! that's sounds funny, I know that the regular employees taking advantage. Pretty weird! By the way, I had fun with my first formfunction class held at the GVC Tech bar. I meet a lot of new friends on the seminar that time it sounds nice because I've learned a lot about web designing that's awesome.

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