Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Another day at the office"

Another day at the office. The usual task that I'm currently using doing right now. I know that temper of the is pumping up because of my former consultants are still connected with my previous deployment. I hoping not to see them again if there is an attempt to destroy my work they have to watch out. Hahaha!!!! Be careful with these people. Well, back to my usual office days. We've encounter technical on email so my new team is resurgence to the email so that our boss will not pumped up his temper on our department(Hope it will work!) that's nice! I attend also ash Wednesday mass so that I keen my problems to our Lord almighty. Yah! I know at the start of the Year of the Tiger needed as always but I do believe on prayers and strong faith and helped with a support with my former teammates as always. An opportunity for me to join the blogging competition as always. I keen on my problems thou prayers on do the obligations to the church. Learning from the past as a Freelancer is much a an advantage to reach my goals in life as long as the office work is concern, I'll keep my prayers and faith that everything will be okay I don't have to worry

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