Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC

We had experience a devastated country at present that next year we really need good leaders to lead a better Philippines. I had a chance to have an invite that me on a fellowship on entrepreneurs also that I want to be with considering struggling yet on my work at present. As a blogger, we've aimed an organization to have a good workspace with good internet connection and mentors can conduct on boosting your business that also include seed funding and that's why the Impact Hub Manila does to the entrepreneurs, professionals or activist that focus on environment change. On the digital age on IOS or Android at present. LizAn Kuster, one of the co-Founder of Impact Hub Manila “We recognize that there is a great need for a global-minded incubator, which focuses on social enterprises, to support and reinforce the growing and hugely talented sector,” .  Collaborating with LBC that they could connect with other emerging start-ups and collaboration on mobility also help on their growth to their business. See the highlights: 

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