Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm hoping to have a perfect family

Ever since, I'm dreaming of a perfect family. One time that I'm hoping to have good parents to give support on his/her son or daughter even fails due that they where close-minded until present,ughh! that my father should be present here not with my mother putting here children on failure(I myself experience until know). As an athlete wanted to push myself on the younger days that now, I'm runner able to recover on past races did not finish due to lack of training and preparation on my intent races attended. Waa!!!! hiatus yes! I had two job offers ughh!!!! and snatching at the RCGG friday(September 18, 2015) 7pm on a over crowded bus at Jenny's to Lifehomes Pasig that my ruin may intent races before 2015 ends(working on this hopefully and extended Thank you to BPI,RCBC,PhilHealth and BIR) for understanding and consideration on the incident that I may also tool for the others . Double work with my brother for real recovery.

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