Sunday, October 25, 2015

Giving myself in a good condition

This past few months after snatching incident also bleeding on my upper left of the breast that I don't expect on bringing heavy things that may suck me up on buses with a full loaded passengers on a bus that time, also affect my performance on my profession as a programmer, try other ways like running and yoga for free done in Ayala Triangle that wasn't enough to have my ailment to be cured.  Tried to have a small  distance race but this could be insufficient consider myself that I am completely cured. On progress for medication, given a chance  to have a food supplement where vegetables that we seen in the market can be cured like cancer and other ailments  like diabetics or stress. If you want him to know more  just listen to Veritas 846 and DWIZ 882 for more. Proven on my end that my bleed on upper left on my breast stop in past few days, hmm there are test that this scientist is expecting. When I missed a tablet yesterday, I got the bleed that time, that's why I had got home because yesterday expected to have an interview to this opportunity upon traffic due on holiday is expected every year.  Know more the Kaibigan sa Kalusugan and the inventor himself Richard Nixon Gomez upon the achievements proven the products can be cured without any surgeon on a procedure. His Radio Program on Veritas846 DZRV848 during Mon-Fri 3-4pm and Saturday 10-11pm at DWIZ882 and also to the company's website  Global Leader

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