Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

I know this could be early to work on before Christmas despite that I had failure of choosing the work right due on my medical condition which is not healthy almost one year that hopefully I could land better opportunity before this year ends. Every Individual and even kids had wishes even before wasn't fulfilled but hopefully before this year end. Wishing on my Christmas to have a better opportunity on the industry that I wanted to give a catch on past work lapse years proven as programmer this will be my Christmas wish list this coming Christmas season. Of course I am also a runner just to sustain my health condition that I'll be able to continue the things that I have never done during my childhood days(catching up days!) to have a new running gears( shoes, compression and dri-fit shirts) that I can able to use on my running events(ultra-marathon or full-marathon) or LSD and training's be part my running group, addition to this a laptop with good performance that I could do programming a software or website that may I can contribute new solution for their business.

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