Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Non-Working Holiday Weekend

Damn Work!!!! makes and ruin around my health maintenance that may cause to have stroke during working hours. Oh! my God, that could be crucial for me but I don't exert more effort on a work though that I have a relative is also connected there, on my goal just to finish a project with no any issues or questions to be raised that I do documented all the tasks for every project that i have handled. I'm sad that one classmate on my Alma mater that he passed due to heat stroke on the Facebook page, that's why my upcoming anniversary run this April but I want also to dedicate this not just to my dad but also to my one of my schoolmate also died on a heat stroke. Check out the details on Striker on The Run. As my new running blog site that will view my preparation and any healthy tips to sustain myself as young and stress free person. hmmm! I'm just had preparation on before the leg 3 of Rip the Road this 14th of April 2013, running with my running team as part of maintenance for the up and coming races hoping that my doctor will allow me with safety precautions needed.

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