Sunday, June 30, 2013

Enjoying watching The Ryzza Mae Show

Hmmm! Stress on the daily and personal activities that decided to watch a TV Show that will keep them laugh, just a release stress. I should say that Ryzza Mae Dizon is the newest child superstars that has a humor in which all her audience enjoyed a lot especially to her newest show. A review on this show proof us that she different pass child superstars, She has the good numbers of the people making them happy despite on the personal struggle in life.On my experience when I open my TV at around 11:30AM when Ryzza Mae makes her audience happy as they could be. Good audience shows that she is not just a more than a child sensation superstar on her generation but proven as an artist on her own way after she was crown Little Miss Philippines 2012.  A child sensation with an exceptional talent to make people happy on her show that will give satisfactory TV Audience Share in Mega Manila. After an episode pilot on the 11:30am, Ryzza is just a kid that can be facing the camera acting as an ordinary people despite the daily activities which most of us where stress, needed someone give us happiness that could be more appreciated, that she even won the recent Yahoo OMG Awards as the best child performer. Even in the Yahoo OMG Awards had a numerous votes from the audience that she is the best child superstar of these generation.

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