Thursday, September 26, 2013

My dad wants to have a quiet life......

Tuesday morning when my dad decided to left us. Knowing that the two year sufferings cause of severe brain damage due encountered stress within the family that most of the common individual experience, so do I. Oh! my god! for me after the death of my friend on the road and another died again and cousin's wife died and my cousin and my father decided to surrender himself with the Lord realizing members sufferings to survive him. The efforts of my mother and our youngest brother to take good care him. Panic was there! stress also... A blessed from new colleague understand my situation at present. My auntie and cousin on both parties visited on the father's burial. My Running Team and former officemates, friends and classmates that they express there support that Be Strong! thank you! My cousins express there condolences on my and brother Facebook account. The Meralco All-Male Choir that he is one of the members where here until the funeral last Friday express their support to their soloist. Congregation of Sisters in St. Paul at present and offer prayers to him. Looking forward to have colleague from the Meralco General Accounting hoping to be present on his last day here in this earth. Paving also respect as their Accounting Supervisor on his 30 year dedicated services at Meralco which that our family is expected to have a reunion with their supervisor. Moving forward, that all of us helping out for fixing everything that our father left to us, although that our youngest is hard to teach him how to be strong but we keep our patience longer to understand.

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