Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who gonna enter the NBA Finals?

From the post between the Miami vs. Pacer, the right opponent to face the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA Title hmmm! that is more exciting as expected if the Pacers win the Eastern Conference Finals hmmm! in the history of NBA that will be the first to enter the finals, I'm hoping that Reggie Miller will be more vindicated here, although that he is now the Basketball Hall of Fame on before his retirement without any NBA Title won on his credentials, but never underestimate the Miami Heat that can possible enter again to the NBA Finals. I don't see any clear picture the team to face the San Antonio Spurs who just won 4-0 against the Memphis Grizzlies for the Western Conference Finals, they are both title contenders for the NBA Crown this season. Watch the Eastern Conference for the Miami Heat vs. Pacers (3-2) on Indianapolis arena, telecast on Basketball TV and ABS-CBN Sports.

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