Thursday, December 2, 2010

A twist happening who will be the first celebrity sole survivor

From the 18 celebrities whom they took their showbiz lifestyle compete for the 3 Million and name as the "1st Celebrity Sole Survivor. They think that to be part of castaways for these competition at first they think that these competition an experience that they 've never being celebrity. An intense challenge for the immunity reward for their tribes faced. An intense emotions was seen for each celebrity castaways. The usual tribal council of course we seen on the previous season of Survivor Philippines. Now the 39 days has come to an end.  And now, after we seen the alliance of each castaways that will deserve the spot for the Final Four in this Competition. A tough decision for the jury whom they gonna put their vote for the Final Four as the 1st Celebrity Sole Survivor. 

Whom to these final four played the real game? Each of the castaways wants this title because they want to be named as the 1st Celebrity Sole Survivor because they think that they've played the real game of Survivor Philippines. The Final Four won their immunity challenges individually, they also made an alliance first to make sure that will also earned their spot to this competition.  And Now the final showdown is here , after the jury decided to have the 7th member of the jury that is Aubrey Miles. Now the final three celebrity sole castaways Ervic, Solenn and Akihiro.  

Before the voting starts with the seven jurors. Let's take them a closer look on the top-3 celebrity castaways  for their 39 days staying in a no mans island in Thailand. The top-3  celebrity castaways both won their immunity challenges but from the three their could only be one celebrity sole survivor. The highlights of the video on the top-3 and naming the 1st Celebrity Sole Survivor that Akihiro Sato won.

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