Thursday, December 9, 2010


At least will consider my Christmas Wishes well a gift for myself is to have these Nokia C7 phone for myself that will signify my efforts as an VB-Excel Macro Consultant working in a very far location hmmm. for me that's an effort that I wish I could have these Christmas because of the features that most of the techie people would love and use that you can able to surf and access using the  wifi anytime and anywhere, usually where the most trendy as we can knowing that they do have consist Wifi HotSpot if do they have. Of Course, the usual checking and chatting with friends on to the facebook, twitter and other social-networking websites even on the email and can do also micro-blogging on mobile even though you have a laptop that is with you all the time. These could be merrier Christmas for me that I'm bless with a better opportunities/projects that are line-up for me, could be this new mobile phone is a best phone that could a techie people can receive these coming Christmas.

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