Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Forward on 2011

On the 2010, my pending plans that I have promise on before the start that 2010 will finally made it on 2011. Finally seen an opportunity that will suit on my basic needs that I'll be needing for our future especially now that I'm on 2nd year on my thyroid replacement check-up. Before the year ends, We make sure that everything is in good terms with my family. Hoping my initial business that is Fern-C will grow more though it is my first time to be with this kind of  business. 

Coming this 2011, continuous blogging on politics, business, values and current working on the technology blog in both blogger and wordpress CMS. Continuous web and system development on the .Net and PHP environment. Still needed more protection and guidance still to be able to succeed on my upcoming projects this coming year as successful that I had last 2009. 

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