Sunday, March 7, 2010

"I don't know where I should put myself?"

There are misunderstandings occurred during in our home at the same time during the office. Gaps along your officemates gives a lot of impact in implementing a software which they bought to the software house along in the Metro Manila area and backstabbing occurred on our employment. For me, The lord almighty is guided in right career that I'll pursuing though, knowing that I've trusted teammates whom I trusted so much and hoping to work again, it's hard to understand those selfish attitude the people around me. Some they do demoralize and have chances to work longer to that company, but you clear mind and conscience, I guess they will realize that they did something wrong in which they are wrong not you. Right now, there is no supervisor on our department right now. They will serve as a lesson that they should acknowledge the recent manager of our department. Failure of one is failure of all. This serve as a learning process for following the regulation of the company. Once you've implemented the timberline for this project you should follow. I found that my brother was beaten up by a jeepney driver a few days here in Cainta Rizal, for me this serve as a lesson to him that he should be careful of your actions and moves on the streets because you might encounter bad goons around you. Still I'm continuing my web development services and doing maintenance on my client here in the Philippines. I'm hoping that the misunderstandings will fix up first at home and just do keep praying before going to work and etc...

To my former teammates and immediate superiors whom I trusted and serve as their IT Consultant from the different IT disciplines I served to please extend your prayers and support as I celebrate my 1 year hyperthyroid sickness since I discovered these disease about a year ago. I know during my deployment recently with Globe, I finding myself nervous to do task but hoping to survive all the task that I was align to me, when I had my good feedback, it keeps me stronger person that I can be. Please do extend your prayers for me and to my family and my present office as well.

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