Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Week Vacation

On my previous post that I have mentioned to have a vacation this March, but I have a lot of system to build in our current office so that they can be more productive for their everyday transaction. So I had a chance to contribute more for my current office as of present. It's palm Sunday so we have a three-day holy-week break. My vacation will move on April, having a swimming in one of the resort here in Rizal after holy-week. It is opportunity for me to do system development for my pending projects at home at lease it is quiet and able to complete the system. Right now, I'm on-going the programming, debugging and development on the ring design website on PHP so the maintenance is on-going for website so as of now I had to move on April my vacation because it is Holy-Week so I had to get back my technical skills back by furnishing my projects that I'm handling at present. To my former teammates: Have a quiet Holy-Week Break. I'm thanking you for the support that you've given me during my on-going thyroidectomy operation and continue to support your support on my lifetime thyroid replacement therapy and to my family because were not in good-terms at present but everything will be okay for your support further.

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