Sunday, September 14, 2014

Recruiting that could be more than direct selling?

At present that still seeing for a work more than to invite in a multi-level marketing firm, For me it's true at present that decided to have a risk to continue my goal to be a Web Developer that continue to do freelance, It's true because if you want to convince an officemate, a friend to do a business, It depends that a person has a lot of things to do personally that you can never tell. In my own experience, First I had my first MLM which my cousin invite me but it wasn't consistently working to this product but it work on the direct selling method. There are things that you may consider to have a business firm to be more stable.

  1. Choose a business not just for networking or invite people just to be on top and be millionaire, see other options that you can excel more. 
  2. See if the product that they marketing at present is worth from their end then try first before you join in their MLM firm.
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