Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy on my 32th Birthday

There are many things to get priority needed that's why I needed to have accomplish first together for eying a .Net Project with accuracy and knowing to be more considerate with our client. Still on high hopes to have a fixed not a night-shift a better salary on a regular time. I have to spend my time further with my family at the eve of my 32th Birthday to have our family solid hoping towards it's 1st year death anniversary of my father that will be big responsibility(on finances! bills getting bigger.) on getting back myself extended big thank you Genie Technologies Inc for an opportunity you gave but I will take this opportunity almost but a better integration process using the standard system development process to open letter to one of the former supervisor on AX Team. For us that was insufficient to put us as a team with your school and government client then especially with a government client will be more transparent to them for a better solution to live run their system and have the user's feedback on their end as solution open to resolve the discrepancy of the output agreed with your former AX Team before us hmmm. how wonder that they were not good terms as a team maybe?  my time but I don't stress on my eve at my birthday then, Spending with our youngest brother that haven't experience on mall as siblings bonding. Movie on the Guardians of the Galaxy that the most entertaining movie on my birthday on the special effects unbelievable.On my 32 years that could strive more for the best to have a less stress family that I keep myself to dream on learn to step up.

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