Friday, July 16, 2010

A typhoon Basang came on office week

Well don't want to expect after the Ondoy last year, A stronger but the usual the typhoon Ondoy. I was expecting to go on the office but I wait to have the stable weather then I go to the office but when to Makati most of the office don't have their operation due to the no electricity, Oh! such a tough situation around the Metro Manila. Some they run their office on the generators that building has, that was a tough one. Hmmm! after I listened to the news that President NoyNoy Aquino call the attention of the PAGASA for the monitoring the weather condition. I know that was a big terrible act on the government side, In the first place we don't know when will a typhoon come. You cannot blame in the government because their is no budget for upgrading the facilities due on the calamity fund relief operations happened last year on the typhoon Ondoy. A prayer for guidance and protection so that we don't experience this kind of typhoon again. Hmmm! I know this gonna work, I guess

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