Friday, July 16, 2010

"The expected the fulfill the task?"

I consider a step of gaining my technical skills back, an opportunity and given chance within a few weeks that was given. The real score is American software entrepreneur spend hundreds of dollars for the labor of the services and maintenance of the system. One of my reasons that I have raised is I don't want bombed up all the existing data on a checkout page. Well I did my part but I do believe to do my part but the American software entrepreneurs have their big decisions that ever developer don't want expect. Most of the developers that I have experience came from the Visayas region. They have just spending a lot money for paying monthly rent here in Metro Manila. I know that understand of being a software entrepreneur that they have we don't just have a risk without earning big from doing the support from the Philippines side. They might change of plans from the American software entrepreneur side. I guess that hyperthyroid after the surgery that I have last year has the effect on my technical skills that I have gained but it's not to late to regain my strength further. That will take a lot of rest and sleep further so that my intake of thyrax will keep myself stronger and healthier. Oh! well, I am already irritated to my mother already, Hmmm! always created problems to our home all the time. I guess she has the consequences that will she accepted because she doesn't know what she is doing. Prayers help me a lot to do all the work for the project but this is consider as the best experience rather than on the hygiene industry side. Well I do a successful for that accounting software to make it to the market possible.

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