Saturday, July 10, 2010

Everything changes in his guidance

A minute of a prayer before going to my office is part of my routine in order to surpass my probationary period in my office though that I am also undergoing a lifetime thyroid replacement still I have to fulfill and finish my task as earlier as possible. I am doing my adjustments on my end for me an opportunity to regain my technical skills back. Of course my security purpose for the future because my parents also have a health problems so do I have also with the help of the Fern-C which do I have my small business that building up at least having my fallback after. My friends and former officemates told me having a minute of prayer seeing a guidance from success put yourself as your routine everyday before going to your work so that you feel protected all the time need to prove myself being a developer to have a good contribution for the organization itself at least my motivation that will keep myself to do it as excellent as I am can be. I know my 28th Birthday is fast approaching this coming August as one of my birthday wishes is a sustainable career to my office at present and my health condition. I know that my life can be like a song Pyramid by: Charice ft.IYAZ. 


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