Saturday, December 3, 2011

Had a Merry Christmas to all!

" I don't want to happen again!" Yeah! it's natural but she knows that I'm deserving to work longer to my present office. Now! my motivational works gives me the results that I want. Just to give a honest that I haven't seen to Alta Resources Philippines for being bias to the developers on their performances  and having a foul play on using the facebook for posting an offensive to the once connected to you on my second, it keeps me bothering so I delete my second account just to keep my personal account to one's connected to you. Prayers helped me a lot but I also need to exert more effort to go further. Yeah! I know but when I asked most of the Consultants how to survive the first three months on the client side during our Xmas Party that I should approach my supervisor  further so that I will understand the task given to me. After the Non-Working Holiday, I feel that my loosing my strength. So I decided to have a whole day rest. Going to the Medical City seeking for an appointment on my primary hypothyroidism and also the result at the Manila East Center so that it won't be hassle to go on a follow-up check-up. Keeps me on the go.

See how e enjoy the Christmas Party and the prices waiting for the IT Consultants to win.

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