Saturday, December 10, 2011

35th Milo National Marathon

Our first Milo Marathon with my younger brother at the SM Mall of Asia tomorrow hoping that it will not rain very harder so that we can go with the race as easily as expected. This will be an experience with younger brother to join this national marathon. A great experience that I just started running this 2011 at GOOD Run and end with 2011 with Milo. A successful run in Unilab Active Health  in the 2nd Leg for 10k struggling for 21K but an experience will keep myself not as a blogger or an Information Technology Consultant it doesn't matter as long you've enjoyed the race, meeting new friends that you will share your ideas also in Health and Lifestyle. Running or Jogging as a daily routine exercise that make you feel stronger and relief more stress that you've been burn out on a working days in a week by keeping yourself on top of the game. Is a sport and remembered by most of the Filipino running enthusiast to be more focus on your doing at present, Surpassing your problems encountered on your family, money or work.  This is 35th National Milo Marathon, Adidas KOTR is my first run so memorable, although injured and confusing because they are a lot thousands runners join in this 35th National Marathon but me and my brother where having fun.

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