Friday, November 19, 2010

VB Excel Macro Consultant once again

Once again, Redeeming myself as a VB Excel Macro Consultant to the previous IT Consultancy before the recession occur last 2008. It is now my third project with them but the location is very far from home address and maximize my resources that I have from home before I go to the client site here in Paranaque City along Metro Manila as long the Transportation/Meal Allowances because it Christmas is coming and another year is coming. Hmmm! Hoping to be a successful year for me. If I will be deployed again with same expertise but convenient location for me to the travel time going to the office. I had 2 days of rest and lifetime check-up at the UST Hospital to monitor my lifetime thyroid replacement check-up. If there is a non-working holiday that government announce gives me an advantage to have internet surfing,blogging, web development, extended sleep plus doing things which is not related to system development. Time Pressure arise on the office, transportation strike on public transportation that will give a lot of concern for my deployment here in Metro Manila. I have also continue my web development services still ongoing, well marketing the Fern-C Business. A manage time that I have been maximizing and using it present knowing that this year is not definitely the year for me where there are ups and down with my personal life and work hmmm! something personal well, asking for a little help to with my friends will make you feel better. Go with the projects. A major big achievement came recently being as blogger. Last year, As one of the finalist for the blogger's choice for Luzon, and now finally one of my blogs made it to the major categories in this coming blogging competition this year. It helps to fulfill my credentials more as an IT professional although I'm an IT Consultant as of today. My blogs is getting improving due to attending the blogging summit in which I learned and gained more on writing blogs that could easily learned more audience or readers at present. Updating website with my clients on-progress as of today.Well I know that there times that we were not in the right path but I do patch up, before this year ends, one of my plans was pursued already contented and happy to it but my priority is my health right now. Well aside from my daily bills that I'm accomplishing in. I need to set all my expenses to my lifetime medical expenses and check-up to be made that I really fix my HMO by next year. getting start in the right path.

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