Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dkny Fragrances... Perfumes in a new packaging design bottle

Other perfumes have their freshness when we spray it unlike this perfume made by Donna Karan New York. A new design bottle that will give more attraction to the customer to have the DKNY Fragrances and perfumes on market. DKNY Fragrances was created by Donna Karan New York. Last Year same month also when I was with in the Robinson Pioneer here in Boni Avenue looking for another perfume back then I saw the kind of perfume well in different design then I saw this dkny on one of the stores in Robinsons Pioneer when I saw that product and having a test perfume hmmm! that smell was really nice although that time I have no such budget to afford to buy that product because of the cost but the fragrance was elegant and nice. I appreciate that product when I saw the product with enough savings on my account.

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