Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fern-C, My daily health supplement

Since the Kacip KDI Food Supplement was closed on the Philippine market. Then my cousin introduce me this product it help me a lot on to my resistance despite that I have to render my extended hours of doing system development. This is Fern-C. You may check on to this video:

It helps a lot on my health condition at present although my condition is not just normal that I'm usually doing at present at least that I'm re-energizing myself after I had a major surgery last year at the UST-H. My cousin helped me a lot although both my parents (oh! the rootless monster)don't wanna work on their financial needs ha! I take this opportunity. I know that you will need a more patience and time management to fulfill all your dreams and when I attend the seminar on the Shaw Boulevard when they demo exactly as the cousin product demonstration, I am exactly as the demonstration did in our house that convince me to go on to the higher limits to do the FERNegosyo business. For those interested you may check on to this website: Fern-C or Fern Business. Once I entered this FERNegosyo business and taking FERN-C helped me a lot to reduce my acidic  and stress that I have encountered  with  my family inside the house and office stress due to some issues on the traveling hours rendered in going to the office due to the traffic.

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