Friday, July 1, 2011

"I've just realize that what is important is just to be true as you are!"

I've realize the importance of work + balance in my recent work that I have, we'll I treasured it all the way if I already found the real IT company that will give an opportunity for an exposure that I could have as an IT Professional and aside for being a technical bloggers we have here in the Philippines. I know that I had made friends already but my heart belongs to my former officemates that when I get along with them because they know the essence of being truthful on their respective careers as I consider that is my learning tool to go further. I'm talking to a person who is more intelligent and more informative that could help more on my profession even get more expert that most of my common friends have based on their experience that they've earned and definitely earned eat for my future. 

"Lord help me, to fulfill my dreams and to maintain my health condition. I know you are there to guide me on the right path, you have different plans for me to regain my confidence future and to fulfill everything that my family was given as my responsibility too." 

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