Saturday, January 3, 2009

A 2008 Year-ender

Past Year was different for me. Though I have already finish two of my project sites under in an IT consulting firm here in Makati City, after one of the two project sites here in Makati City. I thought that it was an end for me and I would not able to have my third project site that could possibly my absorption for me but still I don't lost hope yet. I usually browse on a freelancer sites that I could possibly open a project for me and still I have to maintain a wordpress website that I have just up just last October of 2008. Many things happen that I've encountered stress, but I overcome with those to the newly found friends I have just recently in a new organization. but still I have to think again if they could possibly have chances to stable as a programmer in this organization or I have to look for a work whatever happens still I have a fall back ever.

Project achievements:

  • VBA/Excel Macro plus SAP and SAP Webflow Administration in an IT consulting firm for One year(a possible third project site that could be my absorption).

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